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The Things I Do For Love / Bran's Dream print

Just got back from the print shop! “The Things I Do For Love” looks pretty cool when its printed out, full size in all its glory (15″x27″!). If you want a print, just send an email my way.

For the past few months I’ve been seeking out excellent art blogs to follow. I thought I’d share a few of the best ones I’ve come across and tell you why they’re so awesome. I love, love, love these blogs to death and check them constantly. They keep me inspired and improving, and I hope you find them just as awesome as I do. If you know of other excellent art blogs, send me a link.

Lines and Colors: This was the first art blog I followed, and it’s definitely my favourite. I have found so many new and interesting artists through this blog. Almost every day there is a new entry about a different artist, complete with a series of their works. I love the variety that is featured here, there’s something for everyone.

Virtual Gouache Land: Although I don’t usually use gouache, this blog is fascinating to me. The artist is very talented and demonstrates a lot of variety in the application of gouache. His work with lighting and his colour palettes are fantastic. Check it out.

Gurney Journey: If you’re interested in illustration or realism, check out this blog. David Gurney (they man who created Dinotopia) is an amazing teacher when it comes to painting techniques and tips. He shares a lot of his own work in various stages of completion (which I always find interesting), but he also teaches a great deal about how to make an excellent painting. I recently got his book “Color and Light” which is probably the best book on painting I’ve ever come across. It’s extremely helpful and inspiring. This guy knows his stuff, go learn from him.

Stapleton Kearns: Again, this blog is extremely useful and inspiring. Stapleton shares a lot of his own landscape painting while also featuring a lot of different landscape artists. He gives a lot of tips that are insightful and unexpected about landscape painting, and about the industry in general. He’s also very funny, which makes learning about landscape painting that much more enjoyable.

Serena Malyon

Just done for my own amusement.