Another sketch from a few months ago. This was done on (and inspired by) my flight to England.

serena malyon illustration sketch watercolour clouds

Back in November I was reading a little too much George R. R. Martin, and this was the result.

wun wun asoiaf giant wall

mog the cat illustration serena malyon art watercolour

One of the most delightful felines I’ve encountered, the lovely Mog. While I was in Dublin I had the pleasure of taking care of this tiny kitty for a couple of days, and she was very friendly and playful. She seems to like stretching her leg when she’s happy, so I drew her delightful pose. Terrible photograph, but I left the original with her awesome owners.

serena malyon illustration art doodle landscape watercolour fall autumn trees yellow red cabin alberta

Fall doesn’t last very long in Calgary, so I figured I’d paint it while I could. Its just a little doodle, but I loved the colours in it. This might be it for a while, I’m going to England and Ireland for two weeks and I won’t have any means of uploading my sketches. Once I get back I’ll upload some of them as well as some projects I’m working on.

serena malyon illustration art sketch

serena malyon illustration art sketch

Some quick sketches for an upcoming project!

serena malyon illustration art character design portrait grandma

*real illustration coming soon, its an ambitious one!


serena malyon illustration art

I just got several amazing books on watercolour and got this desperate urge to paint. So, I took a break from school projects tonight and decided to sit down and paint for a bit. I kept reading about watercolour painters using lots of glazes to develop their colours so I thought I’d try it out. Although I like the way it looks, I got a bit impatient by the end and just started applying straight colour like I usually do. I probably should have used a warm blue for the shadows instead of prussian blue which got the colours a bit muddy. Forgive the wrinkling of the paper, it was just done in my sketchbook.

serena malyon illustration art

A sketch for an upcoming 10-page graphic novel for school.


serena malyon concept art

More concept sketches, this time: interior spaces.


serena malyon concept artserena malyon concept artserena malyon art

Building concepts for this project. Just fun little sketches of buildings composed of mixed architectural styles.

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