Here are some theatre posters I’ve been working on for Downstage Theatre. These are just colour roughs, so they’ll go through a few compositional changes before they’re done. My darling Danielle Bazinet did their posters last season, you should take a look. I can’t say what plays these are for, I’ll just let the illustrations do the talking for now.

 serena malyon illustration rough

serena malyon illustration rough

The past few days Nathan Swayze has been helping me install some murals at MARKET, a new restaurant opening on 17th Ave. Working with the interior design firm McKinley Burkart, I designed a couple of murals for this place, all based on the concept of “vegetable anatomy”.

serena malyon illustration art mural MARKET calgary 17th ave vegetable anatomy McKinley Burkart

Painting on the ceiling presents its own challenges, such as trying to keep control of your hand when you’ve been holding it up for 12 hours. Or avoiding rolling off the scaffold when you’re lying on it.

It’s been challenging, but we’ve gotten some great feedback.

serena malyon illustration art mural MARKET Calgary 17th ave McKinley Burkart Nathan Swayze progress vegetable anaomy

One perk of being there late into the night is that we got a chance to meet the Executive Chef Geoff Rogers and the Chef de Cuisine Dave Bohati. They’re two award winning chefs who are really excited about getting to cook affordable, local, gourmet food. The more I hear about MARKET, the more intrigued I become. Check it out on their Facebook, they explain it much better than I do.

serena malyon illustration art cityscape city europe old man building models architecture perspective

Here’s the latest piece I’ve been working on. It’s not too large, but boy is it ever detailed! It looks much too busy now, but once I add value and colour it’ll all come together. Or it could be a disaster, but lets hope for the best! The challenge for me in this piece isn’t how detailed it is, but how much perspective there is. Buildings in perspective have never been my favourite thing to draw, so why did I decide to draw an entire city? I don’t know, but it happened.

I have a few different projects going at once right now, so this may not be finished for a while.

serena malyon illustration art sketch

serena malyon illustration art sketch

Some quick sketches for an upcoming project!

serena malyon illustration rough drawing pencil sketch preliminary comprehensive

Here’s a progress shot of a piece I’m working on. Just some proof that I’m actually being productive. It’s based on Bran’s first dream in A Game of Thrones (the book). P.s. Yes I jumped on the instagram boat (even though I can do the same thing in Photoshop in a minute and come out with a higher-res image).

serena malyon illustration art

A sketch for an upcoming 10-page graphic novel for school.


serena malyon concept art

More concept sketches, this time: interior spaces.


serena malyon concept artserena malyon concept artserena malyon art

Building concepts for this project. Just fun little sketches of buildings composed of mixed architectural styles.

serena malyon

Some landscapes done for this project. Each one is only a couple of inches high, they were really just done to explore mood.

serena malyon

Another sketch from this project. It’s one of the antagonists of the story, an old woman who looks perfectly innocent but is actually quite sinister. Is she gardening? Hmmm.

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