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A little snippet of a project I’m working on.

serena malyon illustration spaghetti western old west train robbers

Here are some small illustrations I did as gifts for Geoff Rogers and Dave Bohati of MARKET.

serena malyon spot illustration MARKET calgary

serena malyon spot illustration MARKET calgary

Here are some theatre posters I’ve been working on for Downstage Theatre. These are just colour roughs, so they’ll go through a few compositional changes before they’re done. My darling Danielle Bazinet did their posters last season, you should take a look. I can’t say what plays these are for, I’ll just let the illustrations do the talking for now.

 serena malyon illustration rough

serena malyon illustration rough

This commission goes way back to July (Here’s the in-progress post). There was a big delay where the piece couldn’t move forward, but its finally done! So this illustration accompanies Richard Siken’s “Snow and Dirty Rain”, a beautiful poem about the lifecycle of a relationship. It was a very challenging piece to compose, but I’m very happy with it.

serena malyon illustration richard siken snow and dirty rain poetry

Another sketch from a few months ago. This was done on (and inspired by) my flight to England.

serena malyon illustration sketch watercolour clouds

Back in November I was reading a little too much George R. R. Martin, and this was the result.

wun wun asoiaf giant wall