serena malyon

One of the projects that I’m working on for school is just based around concept art. Based on my own story, I’m exploring some ideas for character and environment. Most of my roughs are at school hanging up in my cubicle (yes, I have a cubicle this year), but I’ll be posting them as soon as I get them scanned. Anyways, this is Emma, a 20-something who gets trapped in a town full of crazy people who want to revert back to the “olden days”. However, the townspeople can’t decide when the ideal era would be, so they kind of pool together everything they know about England’s past and jumble it together to create a town. As a result, the architecture and clothing is a mix of many English eras between 1400-1850.  I’m having lots of fun mixing everything together and creating a whole little world for my story to take place in. This drawing was just something that started on my way to school today and ended up being the best thing I produced all day.

Haha, ignore the weird perspective issues going on here. This was just a concept sketch.