The past few days Nathan Swayze has been helping me install some murals at MARKET, a new restaurant opening on 17th Ave. Working with the interior design firm McKinley Burkart, I designed a couple of murals for this place, all based on the concept of “vegetable anatomy”.

serena malyon illustration art mural MARKET calgary 17th ave vegetable anatomy McKinley Burkart

Painting on the ceiling presents its own challenges, such as trying to keep control of your hand when you’ve been holding it up for 12 hours. Or avoiding rolling off the scaffold when you’re lying on it.

It’s been challenging, but we’ve gotten some great feedback.

serena malyon illustration art mural MARKET Calgary 17th ave McKinley Burkart Nathan Swayze progress vegetable anaomy

One perk of being there late into the night is that we got a chance to meet the Executive Chef Geoff Rogers and the Chef de Cuisine Dave Bohati. They’re two award winning chefs who are really excited about getting to cook affordable, local, gourmet food. The more I hear about MARKET, the more intrigued I become. Check it out on their Facebook, they explain it much better than I do.