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This commission goes way back to July (Here’s the in-progress post). There was a big delay where the piece couldn’t move forward, but its finally done! So this illustration accompanies Richard Siken’s “Snow and Dirty Rain”, a beautiful poem about the lifecycle of a relationship. It was a very challenging piece to compose, but I’m very happy with it.

serena malyon illustration richard siken snow and dirty rain poetry

serena malyon illustration art canadian indigenous shorts Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers film festival poster imaginative

This illustration is for a poster for the CSIF’s Canadian Indigenous Shorts event. They’re showing some great independent films, check it out on October 19th at the CSIF.

serena malyon illustration art aslan white witch narnia lion the witch and the wardrobe c.s.lewis portfolio

Some promotional banners for the theatrical production of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe that I designed (see previous posts). These banners are composed of three translucent layers of fabric, which all combine to create the image you see above. This effect mimics the set design’s translucent curtains, and adds an air of whimsy to the ads. The figures you see are the White Witch and Aslan.

serena malyon illustration art lion the witch and the wardrobe white witch aslan mr.tumnus lucy pevensie narnia

Some set designs for a theatrical production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Taking this story on as a theatrical production was a challenge- there are so many scene changes that the set would have to be versatile. So I designed the set as a series of translucent curtains, able to be moved across the stage, facilitating scene changes and making Narnia seem vast (walking through the woods is no longer limited to one set). Some of the curtains would have wireframes, allowing characters to be supported by them (see the second and third scenes).

I recently wrote a story about a girl named Bridget who travels around Ireland and encounters a group of wandering giants. They take the form of standing stones so they can travel around, camouflaging themselves to hide from humans. Bridget makes friends with them and tells them human stories about giants (see the 2-pg spread), and they’re enthralled. That’s all you really need to know to understand the illustrations, and the story is long and poorly written, so I’ll save it for another time. I illustrated it so it would function as a pop-up book, which was lots of fun to engineer, but unfortunately I didnt have time to actually construct it.

serena malyon illustration art giants irish folklore standing stones

serena malyon illustration art pop up book stone giants standind stones stonehenge

serena malyon illustration art black death bubonic plague skull

serena malyon illustration art black death map medieval

serena malyon illustration art black death bubonic plague symptoms bubo gangrene

serena malyon illustration art black death bubonic plague bloodletting chicken plague doctor death cart laborer flagellant brethren

serena malyon illustration art black death bubonic plague map 100 years war

Here’s a link to the pdf, which is easier to read: Black Death Illustrated Guide. This assignment was a fun one, we simply had to research a topic and create informational illustrations about it. Because I have always found medieval life and the Black Death fascinating, I decided to created an educational guide to the Black Death. While the illustration style departs slightly from my usual stylization, I think that it’s still recognizably mine. It was a lot of fun to reference medieval woodcuts and illuminated manuscripts, and I think I’ll probably use some of the reference in the future as well.

ps. while I did do my research, I wouldn’t exactly use this booklet as reference for an essay.

I just finished designing patterns based on Canadian wildlife. I wanted to design patterns for Parks Canada to help update their merchandise, making it more contemporary and more appealing to young adults. These were done specifically with textile use in mind, so that Parks Canada could sell fashionable clothing that highlights Canada’s beauty and biodiversity. The patterns work at many different scales, so they can also be adapted for things like notebooks, accessories, and even home furnishings.

serena malyon illustration art pattern

serena malyon illustration art pattern

serena malyon illustration pattern canada wetlands

serena malyon illustration pattern designserena malyon illustration pattern designserena malyon illustration pattern design

The dress I used for my examples can be found here.

serena malyon illustration design art

Here’s the final poster design for the Rocky Horror Show. This was a fun school project, as we were given the choice of what performance to promote in a poster. I went with what I knew: Rocky Horror. I tried to give the poster a different feel to the Rocky Horror posters that I’m used to, a bit more of an updated look and feel for today’s audience.


serena malyon illustration art shipwreck seascape

This illustration was done as a metaphorical character study. My character is a sailor’s wife and it shows her loneliness, anguish and anxiety. This style is a bit different than my usual linework, I really like how expressive the brush pen is.

The character herself was inspired by the music of Kate Rusby, specifically the song “Fare Thee Well”. Her music allowed me to get inside the head of a woman in this position, and help me to cultivate the atmosphere of the piece.

Unsettlers and Mumford and Sons Spot illustrations by Serena Malyon art

Spot illustrations done for school. The first two are for an article on the Unsettlers, an awesome band from Quebec. The second two are advertising Mumford and Sons’ North American tour.